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Come Singing For People Of All Ages With Memory Loss

Everyone who has ever sung Happy Birthday, joined in a football chant, or sung a Christmas carol knows that singing makes you feel good!

If you have dementia, singing may also be something you can still do really well and with as much enjoyment as ever.

Come Singing! groups offer a welcome break from the isolation which dementia often brings.  There are great songs of every sort – favourites from the musicals, standards, folk and traditional – and therapeutic musical activities to stimulate and tease the brain into action.

The emphasis is on enjoying yourself – no echoes of primary school or hymn practice! – and the pleasure of singing in a group with focus is a great boost to self-confidence and well-being!

These groups are not just for people with dementia: family members and carers are very welcome, and informed volunteer support ensures an easy, safe environment.

All the groups are run under the auspices of a recognised charity or health provider, apart from one run directly byCome Singing!

Music is a gift beyond words, but for people living with dementia it can also be a vital lifeline to happiness.

New Year’s Honour

The work of Come Singing has been recognised through an award of the British Empire Medal to Heather.  Many congratulations Heather!

photo singing at the Forum