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Peterborough Palliative Care in Dementia Group ‘Living Well and Dying Well with Dementia’ February 2010 (Alzheimer’s Society)

It was so wonderful to have you all with us at Thursday’s conference – the highlight of the day! You took on such a large and initially reluctant audience and involved them so well. Looking around in Chatanooga choo choo and seeing everyone doing the actions with smiles on their faces is a memory that I will treasure for a long time.

……some of your group had not been singers in the past but learning new skills was possible, and with it came the enjoyment of being part of a group, the possibility of teaching others and the special quality of sharing music. These were all messages that I thought they (the delegates) could take home and remember when looking after people with dementia in future.

Dr Gillie Evans

Research Fellow, Green Templeton College, Oxford


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Singing is a wonderful way for people to share their emotions and memories with us.

Edwina Wingham, Care Coordinator, Oakwood House Nursing Home