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Snow On The Line – Come Singing Christmas CD

Nothing warms the heart and raises the spirits more than singing with friends! Carols and snow songs are extra-special for many of us, bringing echoes of Christmas, time with people we love, wrapping up for wild wether and days when normal routine and rules are suspended.

This miscellany of carols, songs and general anarchy was partly recorded just after the hottest day of 2019! But wonderful Come Sining, people living with memory loss, and their families, carers and volunteers entered robustly into the spirit. We’ve left in some of the messy bits and mistakes because they’re all part of the fun – this is how we do things, and it was a happy time for us. Watch out too for the bit after you think it’s all over.

This recording was made possible through the generosity of the Geoffrey Watling Charity, the Royal London Foundation and Norfolk Community Foundation. We are again very grateful to Ashley Bond of for his patience, kindness and recording skills.

Copies can be obtained from any of our singing venues – see ‘where we sing’ – or telephone 01603 452404 for more information.